Change git commit Authorship with git-filter-repo

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Recently, I needed to change the email address on all commits in most of my personal git repos.

Searching on the web, there are a few methods of doing this, most involving git rebase. There are also some that use git-filter-branch.

Interestingly, applying git-filter-branch puts out a warning/recommendarion to use git-filter-repo instead, which is what I ended up doing in the end.

Important to note, that all of these methods will rewrite the whole commit history, and change all the hashes. Since, I am the sole committer here, I wasn’t too much concered about that. Needless to say, take backups!


git-filter-repo is not included in a standard git package. It is available on most Linux distributions though.

# Arch Linux
pacman -S git-filter-repo

# OpenSUSE
zypper install git-filter-repo


Before doing anything, taking a full backup of the repo is a must!

# clone a temporary fresh bare repository
git clone --bare <repo>

# change the email and name on all commits
git filter-repo \
    --email-callback 'return b"test@example.com"' \
    --name-callback 'return b"testname"'

# push with force
git push --force

# remove temporary repo
rm -rf <repo>

# clone the fixed repo
git clone <repo>